We help brands leverage data and technology to craft superior brand experiences

Rapid shifts in technology have dramatically changed the way people interact and engage with brands. 55 is a new breed of data company that helps brands leverage brandtech™ to engage people better, faster and cheaper.

Our offer


Strategy Consulting

Plan for a future that puts data and digital at the heart of your vision


Data Architecture

Build a marketing framework embracing flexibility in a robust tech set-up


Media Consulting

Improve investment performance through a smarter use of tools and data


Customer Experience

Harness customer insights to create seamless shopping experiences

Who are we?

We’re a team of over 200 digital strategists, tracking and media experts, backed by engineers and data scientists, providing support to marketing teams, in every type of industry, all around the world.

55 was founded in 2010 by former Google executives. We are part of The Brandtech Group, (formerly known as You & Mr Jones), which helps brands do their marketing better, faster and cheaper using the latest technology. Headquartered in Paris, we operate across 3 time zones from our 9 offices located in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Geneva, Shenzhen, Taipei, Singapore and Milan.

Why “55”

We called ourselves 55 because of a key data point that we observe consistently across brands: 55% of people entering a store will leave having purchased something – that’s far more than on e-commerce websites. Our mission is to help brands use digital assets to close this gap. Digital is not in competition to brick-and-mortar boutiques; the magic happens when you leverage data to create synergies between the online & offline worlds to help your business grow.

Our values


We believe data is an asset that you should have full ownership of, to be distributed across your organization and put into action in a transparent, actionable way.


We believe that you should understand and control how data and technology (adtech and martech) are used to deliver personalized brand experiences.


We believe that a brand’s ability to innovate is critical for them to excel in today’s multi-channel, connected world. And we believe innovation relies on 3 bedrocks: data, technology and creativity.