Our Global Technology Partners

We partner with the leading technologies to help you navigate the Adtech and Martech landscape, and manage your data projects from inception to delivery.

Google Marketing Platform

We are experts at making Google products work together. We employ the stack to transform brand communication, uncover insights, deliver more relevant and effective marketing, reduce wasteful spending, and provide a best-in-class customer experience through digital assets. We are a certified reseller of Google Marketing Platform, the integrated platform that enables the complete management of advertising and marketing performance, from media planning and buying to measuring and optimizing. As both a services and sales partner (the highest certification level), we provide strategic consulting, web analytics expertise, technology integration, and platform reselling.

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Meta measurement solutions are a powerful way for brands to anonymously measure consumer ad responses, across devices, channels, platforms and publishers, and understand the impact of digital investments on in-store sales. We work with Meta to help brands improve, and better understand, the efficacy of their media mix based on these new insights.

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Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is one of the most comprehensive, robust stacks on the market, and we are proud to be among their trusted partners. We help you use Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager to launch efficient, personalised campaigns. From appraising your needs to operating your DMP, we can guide you towards full ownership of your data.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform provides all of the processing resources and advanced AI services to help bring your marketing stack to the next level of efficiency and ambition. GCP’s native access to your Google Marketing Platform data, at a very granular level of detail, will make it possible for you to rather simply and quickly roll out advanced marketing use cases, with very few technical challenges. Since the volume of marketing data processed no longer presents a problem, you will be perfectly positioned to expand and deepen your exploration of your assets.

55 is a Google Cloud Platform certified partner with a Marketing Analytics specialization. Using the wide range of AI and machine learning services, we’ll help you improve your customer knowledge and understanding of your users’ experiences.

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As the worldwide leader in CRM, Salesforce has been building a powerful marketing suite, to combine site personalisation, CRM, and campaign management. We help brands leverage the key capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite, in order to create best-in-class advertising, segmentation, and direct marketing activation use cases.

55 is a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner. Due to our extensive knowledge of, and experience with, Google Marketing Platform’s built-in integrations with Salesforce Sales and Marketing Cloud, we’re able to reconcile digital & offline activity, driving your performance while providing enhanced measurement capabilities.

Amazon Web Services

Taking control of your marketing stack may require cloud resources to accommodate specific processing capabilities. AWS provides a well known, expansive range of services in the cloud to do so; your IT department probably has projects running in this environment! To help you capitalize on these investments, we carefully selected our tools and processes to be able to smoothly leverage the power of AWS and roll out efficient marketing activations in the existing cloud infrastructure of our clients.