Our mission is to guide marketers through the profound changes brought about by the rise of internet, big data and artificial intelligence. We help brands leverage data to improve marketing, media and customer experience, through a combination of specialized consultancy and technology services.


Strategy Consulting

Plan for a future that puts data and digital at the heart of your vision

Digital-driven strategy

Building on our deep technological, media and data expertise, we provide strategic advice to review marketing strategies, design and plan business opportunities, build privacy-friendly and GDPR-compliant data strategies or launch ambitious ad hoc projects leveraging internal capabilities, technology, data and innovation.

  • strategic planning, offer management
  • new offer and acceleration: offer design, action plans, and roadmaps for fast growth
  • data-driven strategy: use cases design and implementation roadmap

Organization & Skills

Founded on our long experience working with large international groups and our hands-on approach to data-driven projets, we help you set up the right organization to tackle today’s challenges, assessing how to efficiently share responsibilities and ensure accountability, with a strong focus on empowerment through first-class training.

Digital due diligence

We support investment strategies by providing private equity firms and corporate M&A teams with key insights on a company’s digital health and growth potential. We conduct digital due diligences either with access to company management and data, or via a pure outside-in approach.

  • competitive analysis, market analysis, benchmarks
  • performance audits – customer acquisition strategy, technological architecture, etc.
  • business plans, market trends and insights, modeling

Data Architecture

Build a marketing framework embracing flexibility in a robust tech set-up

Web Analytics

With the rise of mobile, IoT, privacy concerns and the constant evolution of communication channels, building a robust data framework to get a 360° customer-centric vision is no easy task. Our renowned tracking expertise relies on our business consultant teams that are backed by a pool of tracking specialists, engineers and media experts with global knowledge and experience.

  • website tracking, app tracking, cross-device tracking
  • tag management system, web analytics, enhanced ecommerce tracking
  • reporting, dashboard and data visualization
  • privacy

Media Tech & DMP

Advertisers should take ownership of data and exert control over the media technology used to run and measure their campaigns.

We help advertisers set up transparent performance measurement frameworks and help them use their 1st party data for more efficient acquisition strategies. We resell and implement the leading adtech solutions, providing support and training to brands seeking to reclaim oversight of their media operations.

  • ad servers & media stacks
  • DMP, marketing automation

 Cloud & AI Marketing

Drawing on our deep knowledge of analytics and cloud solutions, we help brands set up agile yet robust data architectures to gather site-centric, ad-centric data and other 1st party data in a single place. Our methodology allows clients to deploy marketing use cases quickly and efficiently, and then improve performance over time using state of the art algorithms.

Ultimately, the core mission for our experts in AI, machine learning and cloud technologies is to empower your teams to build your in-house expertise and, in time, become autonomous in running and querying the tools.


Media Consulting

Improve investment performance through a smarter use of tools and data

Media Strategy

We combine our consulting experience with our media know-how to assist brands in making the necessary strategic and organizational changes for operational effectiveness, while helping them embrace innovation and ensuring their teams’ skill sets are up-to-date. These are the essential ingredients for building an ambitious, data-fueled media strategy.

  • media audit, media planning
  • audience modeling
  • media organization – adtech training, media buy in-housing support…

Media Efficiency

We help brands measure the impact of their advertising tactics and set up media measurement protocols to create synergies between all touchpoints, online and offline, and between CRM and media. We optimize daily operations and launch ad hoc projects for increased media efficiency.

  • online attribution – multi-touchpoint attribution, media mix modeling, integration between Google Marketing products…
  • online-offline measurement – CRM onboarding, ROPO and cross-channel analysis, Google Marketing Platform and Salesforce linkage, Facebook measurement solutions…
  • media econometrics

Media Activation

We support advertisers’ media activities with media managed services, drawing upon our data-driven mindset and media expertise – e.g. we oversee audience management operations, set up or help brands make full use of their DMP for more efficient and targeted campaigns.


Customer Experience

Harness customer insights to create seamless shopping experiences

User Experience

We help brands objectively appraise the performance of their acquisition, engagement, conversion and retention strategies across digital touchpoints. Tracking and analytics experts work with our business consultants to turn data into actionable insights and recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of user journeys across paid, earned and owned assets.

  • website performance assessment
  • app performance assessment
  • UX analysis

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

From launching web testing campaigns to setting up personalisation scenarios and using algorithms to improve and automate online merchandising, we help brands fuel digital communication with data for concrete results. We link digital to sales performance through smart cross-channel experience planning, assisting sales staff in creating the ideal in-store experience.

  • Web testing, personalization
  • data-driven merchandising
  • drive-to-store, boutique appointment

CRM & Messaging

We use data across CRM channels, such as emailing or in-app push notifications, to re-engage existing customers. We assist brands in launching ambitious projects to reinforce customer loyalty, leveraging the right channels and drawing the line between promising innovation and quick-dying fads.

  • CRM strategies & scenario
  • Messenger/WeChat strategies
  • chatbots, voice assistants, VR/AR user experiences

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